You can fight back with the help of a mental health specialist, but it can be challenging. The heart of her time at Future has been devoted to My Imperfect Life, where she’s been attuned to the cosmos, new TV shows and relationship trends. Simone Biles is not only making headlines for her impressive accomplishments on the mat and her commitment to mental health but also for her love life. Of course, just because a celebrity does something and seems to enjoy it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great idea for you. “My grandmother was engaged to Warren Beatty in college. There are letters she wrote to her friend where she called Warren ‘pushy.’ Turns out she dumped him for my grandfather.”

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And it could be stopping you from having a real relationship. If you see your favorite celebrity is out for ice cream with her children, consider whether it would be polite to interrupt her family time. Some people just don’t understand that celebrities are people, too.

At a wedding, one of Vince Vaughn’s best friends introduced him to his wife’s childhood best friend, real estate agent Kyla Weber, and he was nervous to date her because of how far away she lived. In 2008, human rights lawyer Alexi Ashe accompanied her sister, who worked in set design on Saturday Night Live, to former cast member Chris Kattan’s wedding. That’s where the show’s one-time head writer Seth Meyers, another guest, first laid eyes on her.

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There are plenty of celebrities who have revealed their crushes on other stars. Remember that your celebrity’s public persona might not be her actual personality. Don’t be surprised if your celebrity acts very differently in person. Don’t gossip to the media about your relationship with a celebrity.

Your Celebrity Crush Might Be Ruining Your Love Life

It would be interesting to see the stats on celebrity marriage/relationships and whether the norm was for them to marry/date/partner up with other famous people. Been dreaming of meeting PEOPLE’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive Michael B. Jordan since the time you saw Black Panther? After all, it worked for Temple University student Sylvia, who offered to buy the actor a smoothie on Instagram after hearing that he was shooting on the campus. In response, Jordan invited her and some friends to stop by the set for a picture — no purchase necessary. “He messaged me on Facebook in January of season one and congratulated me on the show. He had auditioned for Jughead,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2017. “I think we just randomly had mutual friends, so we added each other.”

It feels no different than when our Facebook friends document their pregnancies with sonogram posts and collages of their growing bumps. For Petersen, who is known to Whitesides, kissing him at a meet-and-greet in February 2017 was a turning point. Yet 11-year-old me was genuinely hurt when pictures of him kissing Miley Cyrus surfaced in 2007. I knew mine and Nick’s love affair only existed in my pre-teen imagination. It’s the same phenomenon that has This Is Us viewers collectively swearing off crock pots.

What chances of dating a celebrity can you have today?

Some celebrities keep a strange schedule for whatever reason. This is freeing for them, but if you are a regular person, you may have a normal schedule. It’s going to be hard to pick up the phone in the wee hours of the night after a while. Since then, the friends have gone to many fun events together, with Lawrence even going to Simpson’s wedding in Italy. But the best part of their friend has to be their equal love of Bravo. These friends love their Housewives programming and have even gone on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live together.

Here, a reminder of the famous names who settled down with non-celebrities. Kate and Danny have since gotten engaged and welcomed their daughter Rani. Joel Courtney and fiancée Mia Scholink have known each other since they were children! While it’s not clear how long they’ve been dating, Joel did pop the question over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2020. While somewhat pricey, eHarmony is exactly the type of dating site that celebrities would use when wanting to be part of the normal crowd.

It results in a set of impossibly high standards the said famous person would likely fall short of too. Another reality you may have to come to terms with is your self-esteem. Before this relationship, you probably felt pretty good about yourself, but now things have suddenly changed. You are meeting successful people and starting to see the kind of people who surround your celebrity boyfriend or girlfriend. While many of us are faced with normal-people questions like Hinge vs Bumble, we can’t help but wonder who actually found love on the hyper-exclusive Raya app. Believe it or not, the 2015 tool is actually responsible for some of our favorite celebrity couple success stories…as well as a few famous relationship fails.

They’ve been married since 1999 and have three children, who have provided inspiration for Jessica’s popular cookbooks aimed at helping parents get their kids to eat healthy. Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has been married to Yaron Varsano, a real estate developer, for 13 years. In an interview with Glamour, she revealed that they met “at this very strange party in the Israeli desert”—all about wellness and holistic healing. They weren’t into the overall vibe, but they were into each other. On their second date, Varsano told Gadot that he knew he wanted to marry her eventually.