Graduation At CBTS

Graduation at CBTS is in June.  Upon the recommendation of the academic committee, students are approved for graduation if the following conditions are met:


  1. Evidence of consistent Christian growth during the time of study at CBTS
  2. Completion of all required courses as indicated in the curriculum. The school is not responsible for students who fail to take required courses when they are offered. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that he or she takes all the required courses before graduation.
  3. Satisfactory completion of all field work
  4. All financial obligations are settled with the bursary
  5. Students writing theses or doing projects must have them completed and approved before graduation. Follow the deadlines given for submissions.
  6. At the beginning of the final term, students must file their Intent to Graduate form with the office of the Dean. One week before graduation, all students must complete a “Graduation Approval Form.” This form is the final clearance for graduation showing that all the graduation obligations have been met.
  7. Attendance at graduation is required, unless a student applies and is approved to graduate in absentia.



As Ambassadors for Christ we have been given the ministry of reconciliation.  We are joining what God is doing (He is making his appeal through us) and we carry out the ministry of reconciling people to God because of Christ.  When we are in right relationship with God then we can begin to be in right relationship with one another.