Creating a Strategic Board Agenda

A well-planned agenda for the board is vital to having productive meetings. The way an agenda is structured and how it’s delivered will either decide the outcome of the meeting. Creating and sticking to a format that the chair of the board could choose to use will help simplify the process of planning and running a meeting for the board. It helps the board keep its focus throughout the meeting so they aren’t lost in discussions which aren’t relevant to the goals of the organization, or waste time on issues which can be handled by committees.

Most of the board meeting agenda should be dedicated to discussions that are generative and relevant subjects. This could be forward thinking connected to strategic goals or simply new data and information. To keep the discussion and board focused, it’s recommended the items that are outdated or infrequently discussed be taken off the agenda. If it is necessary to include these items they should be included at the end of the board meeting, so that they don’t occupy too much of the time of the board.

The agenda for the board meeting should be communicated to board members in advance so they can familiarize with the topics and issues that will come up. This can help them prepare for the meeting, and give them an idea of what other board members plan to discuss. A transparent approach can help the board stay organized and focused throughout the meeting. It will help to emphasize the importance of attendance in person.

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